the search for purple

OK, I’m all for the Ravens win and everything…..big fan…love em…But here’s the problem. We’re all supposed to wear purple today, but NOT a ravens jersey on gthe air. Here’s my theory, there are purple wearers and those who are not. I am in the not category. I don’t dislike purple, but I guess it never looks good and me and so I don’t buy it. There’s not one purple thing in my closet. Thus my dilemna today for Raven’s purple day. I really didn’t want to go buy something that I’d in all liklihood, never wear again, but don’t want be the equivalent of a sports Scrooge either.
But I found an answer to my problem. It was sitting there all pretty, in my husband’s closet. Something I bought him for his birthday a few months ago, and he’s worn exactly once.(Not sure what that says but I think I know). Anyway, I think it works….you’ll be able to decide tonight at five, whether it was a good move or not.


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