bad ipod, bad ipod!!

I’ve spent part of the weekend struggling to make my daughter’s castoff IPOD work for me. Clearly, it does not like the change in ownership. Cada got a new ipod this fall when she had to get a new computer for school….the deal was you got a new Nano when you bought the Apple Mac….of course, the catch is it’s not really free. YOu have to buy the Nano and then keep all the proper paperwork, and download the rebate forms , and get them in by a certain date, and presto, you get your $179 back. Now I’m sure they count on a lot of people being filled with good intentions, and very little followthrough. So no doubt, it’s been a profitable offer for the company…. However, if you do all the things you’re supposed to, you will get the refund. I got mine…..and that is how I ended up with a used ipod. For months, it sat on a kitchen counter in its little dock, looking all shiny and high tech.
And I have used it a few times. But then it started fast forwarding through songs, not at my request I might add, and now my computer Itunes on my computer refuses to recognize it at all…..tells me it’s been “corrupted”… a corrupt ipod without no country to call home. And now it won’t play anything at all….So I suppose the answer is to make an appointment at the Apple Store(yes you should make an appointment I understand or I’m told they look at you coldly, and let you know you have indeed fallen short), and take the blasted thing in to see if it can be fixed. If it can, all good…if not, I got hosed by my daughter. Sigh.

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