A lovely funeral….

What a fitting sendoff for President Gerald Ford….beautiful, dignified, not too grandiose. It’s fascinating isn’t it, watching the people, those we don’t know and the famous faces, file in and sit, each thinking their own thoughts, waiting for the service to begin.
Betty Ford is coming in now on President Bush’s arm…..bless her. I wonder what she must be thinking. It must all be, to some degree, surreal. And she has had many of those moments. Events happening that she could never have imagined, until suddenly she and her family were thrust onto the national stage. For a man whose dream was to become Speaker of the House, becoming the nation’s Commander in Chief ….well, I cannot imagine.
I’m glad for everyone who must stand in the open air that it’s not raining,it’s not cold, and the day is pretty, sunny, though windy.
The casket of the man who served this country and his family honorably, is being carried through the cathedral door. Godspeed, Gerald Ford, and thank you.


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