Black-eyed peas for the world

My family strongly believes in the idea that you must have black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day to have good luck in the coming year. And so, last night I started my recipe for same that I’ve used for years, called Creole Black-Eyed Peas, which I must add is from a Southern Living Cookbook.
It’s pretty simple really. Soak the dried peas overnight, simmer a couple of ham hocks for an hour or two, then add the soaked peas,keeping just enouough water too cover the peas, an onion, a green pepper, a red pepper (all chopped of course), couple of cloves of garlic, thyme, bay leaf, tad of Worchestershire Sauce, tobasco to taste, a small can of tomato sauce, salt and pepper….cook gently until the peas are soft….then add some pan-fried kielbasa to simmer for 30 minutes or so, and serve over rice.
I worry about my son who lives in New York…I know he knows the tradition, but who can tell what a kid will do when they’ve gone out on their own? Change things? Start new traditions? Heresy, I tell you!
But he sent a text message(I have learned that he will answer a text message when he will not answer a phone call)….that he had found a great recipe for black-eyed peas in New York Magazine, and had gathered up all the ingredients and was cooking them in his tiny apartment. So perhaps the baby crab hasn’t fallen so far from the crab net….He is after all cooking peas…just not with my recipe. I’ll take my victories where I can get them.
And I wish a bowl of black-eyed peas for everyone today….it can be a tough world, and who can’t use some good luck in 2007? Happy New Year, everyone!


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