quick trip to the Big Apple

I know lots of people who really do love NY. But to be honest I have always found it a little…inntimidating? They say “the shopping is great”, but to me I don’t know where to start. THe city is just too big. But I’m trying to get a handle on it, it little bits. I used to always go via Amrak, and its still my favorite. But if there are several of you traveling, the Train has gotten pricey. Around 200 bucks round trip! the way to get there these days, people who go there alot tell me, is Superior Bus Tours. So I tried it….you book in advance, and there are several places the bus does pickups…Pikesville, Towson, Aberdeen….It’s a nice big bus, comfy seats, but it leaves early…around 6:30 in the moring. Many of the passengers will go and return that night…the bus leaves NY 6:30 that night. Roundtrip fifty dollars…If you want to stay overnight, you can, just book another return …so your total is $100….HALF the price of the train.
Boy is the place crowded around the holidays! Especially if go to tourist central, Fifth Ave….Rockefeller Center, the tree, Saks, you know…get ready for shoulder to shoulder traffic on the sidewalks. It feels like you could pick up your feet and still be moved along by the crowd, though I did not try this.


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