Just hanging around…ahhhhhhh…

This year we have not traveled back to ‘bama to visit family after Christmas….we’ve taken off years before, but this is the first one in a while. The announcement that we are not coming down at xmas, is always anticipated by family members with much dread, and generally I put off telling them the truth. My sisters will ask repeatedly, as does my Mom, throughout the fall….over and over…”Have you decided about Christmas?” usually I haven’t, but this year, I really, really really wanted to stay home. A week off with no place to go, no promises to keep, no airports to shamble through, no security lines to wait in, no packing, is just too good to ignore. So I’m home.
And yesterday was one of those nice days with no big plans, but ended up having lunch in Annapolis…every time I go there I’m struck by just how darn pretty the place is…especially at holiday time. Had lunch at a new restaurant that’s only been open for 6 weeks. Osteria(pronounced ahster-ee’ah, not ahs-ter’ia I discovered) is right on Main Street, Italian/Mediterranean…nice mix of dark wood walls and crystal chandeliers and industrial stainless steel ducts at the ceiling. Very good paninis…had one with grilled chicken, cheese, and a lovely roasted red pepper sauce, and a baby arugula salad with pomegranite and gorgonzola . The place gets a big thumbs up…
Then drove over the the bridge to the Chesapeake Outlets. Just shopped around for a while as others spent their gift cards…..came back and had dinner out with friends we hadn’t seen in a while at a wonderful Indian restaurant in Catonsville…..Aptly named Indian Delight on Frederick Road. Great chicken tikka masala, and such a bargain. It’s a byob place, and the bill for four was 66 bucks. Love it!
And THAT day I couldn’t have had, if I had been traveling. I’m sooooo glad to be home.


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