movies for the holidays

One thing I have really looked forward to this week…besides the usual stuff, is catching up on movies I haven’t seen…..a lot are out right now, and quite a few I’ve missed, so I’m netflilx-ing them…can netflix be a verb? It is now…..
Saw Talledega Nights which we missed….Liked it, as I love Will Ferrell, but didn’t love it..Saw The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon, who is fabulous in the part, but really a loooong movie. Saw The Holiday with Jude Law….Cameron Diaz was quite correct when she says inthe film that he is insanely good looking. Wow…..and the film is funny, sweet, a good little flick! The Queen which is still at the Charles, I saw with my daughter who is 20….We both loved it….What a portarit of Queen Elizabeth…and the difficult times she had after Princess Diana died. A must see.
Columbia Mall is crazy this week!! We went there last night for dinner at PF Changs and movie…luckily we had made reservations….other people were being told a 2 hour wait!! I wouldn’t wait two hours for Lutece(which I should add that I have never been there but know it’s fabulous.)…and no doubt they don’t ask people to do that. Just summarily dismiss them with a flick of the hand….


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