getting back to normal

It’s funny how the holidays seem to swallow time whole….it seems like just a few days ago it was the Friday before Christmas….and now it’s the Wednesday after….and the time in between in a kind of furry edged blur.
Finally have the HD really up for business….got the tv early December but nowhere….nowhere, could you get the HD-DVR for Directv. They had you waiting until Jan….so ordered one off the internet…then guys have to put the new hd satellite on the roof…install the box….just let me say it was truly a process…a long process, though I’m sure there are easier ways. My son was home from NY and he added to the process by giving me a new universal remote…one he assured me would render alll others obsolete. I was….skeptical. And he worked on programming the thing for a couple of days…which I would never have done. But it’s true. It does everything. But learning where everything is on a new and complicated remote is….again, a process.
On the other hnd I’m watching a special on the building of the ice hotel in Sweden, I think… was program made for high definition. Beautiful.
I hope all of you had a happy, or at least satisfying holiday. We invest so much in it, don’t we? Both financially and emotionally….it’s way too easy to be disappointed by things. I managed to avoid that, pretty much. And this week I’m off, just taking it easy, hanging out with friends and family….working in some hair and doctor’s appts. So exciting!!


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