Blogging away…..

Ok, here’s the thing about blogging. You gotta think about it. It’s kind of like writing a journal…it can be difficult to “find your voice”, at least you unselfconcious voice. Have you ever read something you wrote….FOR YOUR EYES ONLY….years later? It isn’t as though you thought you were writing it for public consumption, yet there is often such a stilted, awkward fake serious quality to it years later, that you laugh at it.
Now I’m pretty used to writing for public viewing or hearing, as I do it almost every day when I write a story or items in 11 News at Five. But that is different. It’s about someone else, not me! Totally different.
First, you don’t want to say something you can’t take back. That is what lots of people have said to me, both inside WBAL and outside….”Aren’t you afraid you’ll say something that you shouldn’t and there it is, for all eternity?” I did think about that, sure. But when you work on television, especially live television, you develop this little internal gauge that tells you …don’t go there, don’t say that, you’ll be sorry. And yes, there are many, many, many things that flit across your mind to say during a newscast, but you certainly don’t say them. Or you don’t if you like your job. And I am very fond of my job.
So that little gauge has served me well for quite a few years on tv, and I hope it will serve me well here. And the purpose of the blog isn’t to be outrageous, at least mine isn’t….it’s just another way of communicating with people, as the world of communications around us changes so fast and so radically that it can take your breath away.
I realized long ago that when you’re on television, you have a relationship with the people who watch you, and they each view that relationship in a different way. Some people like you very much, some too much, and some don’t like you at all. As someone explained to me years ago…you come into their living rooms(or media rooms today), and talk to them about things. In a way, you share their lives. So it is a kind of relationship…this is simply another way of sharing thoughts.
So I leave you with a rule of personal success that I have passed along to my kids and others….and has kept me to good stead….Don’t say five or six things a day you think about saying. Really.


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