What Did I Forget Now???

Ever wake up in the middle of the night, certain that you have forgotten something important….and you have? That happened to me in the wee hours last night, making a mental (aloas, not written) list of stuff. I’ve found that in my sleeping hours, I wake up mulling over things I SHOULD have remembered when sensate, but they come to me, late. This time it is holiday stuff….Last night I remembered, with a certain startled quality that, here it is, well into the week before Christmas, and I have forgotten to get out the Xmas china. My Mom would kill me.She (generously) decided some years back that I NEEDED Christmas china, and adds to the collection every so often. It means a lot to her.
There are so many lovely traditions that we all have surrounding the holidays, and for me, one of them is this Spode Christmas Tree china. A famous classic pattern(that goes on sale every December-love that)that has been around for 68 years or so, with a little saying on the cereal bowl…”When I count my blessings, I count you twice”…I usually get it out after Thanksgiving so you can enjoy it the whole month. Makes sense as I have to pull out other dishes and replace the plates, salad plates, cups and bowls. It is something of…an operation.
But this year, it just didn’t occur to me. Was I behind because of going too Vegas? Distracted by work? Not enthusiastic enough about the holidays? All of the above? The sane part of me said, “Forget it this year. Use it next year. Christmas is almost over for Pete’s sake”. But the other side of me said, “What if Mom asks about it, like she always does”…..Anyway I got up early this morning, and switched out the china. Like a good girl. I’m drinking coffee from one of the mugs right now….it IS pretty.


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