Today I had yet another person ask about the Fruit Flush detox diet… did I like it, etc. And as I’ have said, I would do it again and may after the holidays to get “back on track”…but I will include in this post an email from a viewer who tried the diet during November and her subsequent results…..You’ll find it interesting:

I wanted to contact Donna Hamilton with an update on MY Fruit Flush experience, here in Texas. I wanted to let her know that I did the Fruit Flush that Wed-Fri weighing in at 202 on Tuesday and 191 on Saturday. I continued eating fruits and veggies and limiting soda, beer, and snacks. I continue to eat a salad for dinner every night along with a very small portion of whatever I prepared for dinner for the rest of my family. I work out 3 days a week – which I’ve done for a few years now. And I do fall of the wagon from time to time. I do a protein day once every couple of weeks too! I have managed to lose more weight and keep it all off. I am at 187 and it is 1 week before Christmas. THANK YOU for the Fruit Flush. My friends and husband have noticed and many ask me about how I am doing it. I say, I am eating what I am supposed to eat. I DO eat bread or chips or cheese or nuts or candy from time to time…but over all, I am just a very careful eater now! THANK YOU!!!
Debbie From Texas “
There you have it from someone other than me….and I am trying not to overdo during the holidays….but man, is it difficult to avoid all temptation and honestly, I don’t want to!


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