Things I forgot about Vegas

I’ve had lots of people ask about how I liked Vegas….you have to understand that the many people are like me…not Vegas people…and were curious that I had been there….and did I like it.
Final opinion: yes, on a limited basis. Three nights there were plenty for this girl, but I did have fun.
Sure it’s flashy, and trashy but just a walk down the strip is interesting…I don’t care who you are.
Oh, and if you’re looking for a hotel that will be a respite from all the flash and ding-dings and guys flicking cards of nudie shows….try the MGM Signature. It is a hotel within the MGM grand…or I should say connected by long glass corridors of people movers, with plasma screens all along the way. It is elegant, quiet, and I don’t know how they get that great smell in the lobby, but when you walk in, you feel like you’re in an aromatherapy spa….fabulous. Rooms are gorgeous…very modern with pretty views, and balconies, and plasma screens, including a little one in the huge marble bathroom. (Why oh why, can’t I have a bathroom like that? Oh that’s right, I don’t want to pay for it.) You catch my drift….it is a glorious hotel. Loved it.
And go see the Liberace Museum. What a kick…all his costumes are there, with pictures of when he wore them…some weighing over 200 pounds! All his pianos are there including one that was played (supposedly) by Schubert. It’s only $12.50….and is a fun way to see how “Lee” (as the volunteers who run the place like to call him), lived in his considerable heydey. So, so Vegas.


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