Friends are a great part of life…..

Went to a party of old, old friends….OK not that they are really old but we have been friends for a looooong time…since I moved to Baltimore and worked at another television station in town…and that in fact is where we met. Only one of the group still works there. We started an innformal dinner group, meeting at Christmas, and since then we have expanded a bit, meeting at other times of the year, more or less depending on how busy everyone was, and we have even gone out of town…once to Bethany Beach for a weekend, and once to Falling Waters, the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pennsylvania. That trip was planned by Darlene, the most organized and ambitious planner of the group. The rest of us might get an idea, but she actually made one happen.
When we first started getting together,one couple had school age kids, and the rest of us had a tiny tot, and one couple had no kids. Now most of us have kids in college, or high school or out of college and in the work world.
Last night we had appetizers at a home within walking distance of the Ambassador Restaurant….appetizers there, then walked to dinner…I just love the Ambassador..not only is the food fabulous, but the place has an old world charm and romance that is hard to match. If you like Indian food you must try it….great date place. Anyway, we sat on the glassed-in patio area with fireplaces at either end…..laughed and talked…then walked back to the house for dessert. Great apple tart with caramel sauce, a beautiful heart shaped applesauce cake, and oranges with cranberry coulis. (I know , what on earth is coulis? Kind of a sauce the maker suggests not straining the sauce…she didn’t).
But the high point of the evening was a dvd made by the wife of one of our group, about her husband’s fascinating family and his life story. I won’t mention their name, but he descends from a prestigious samurai family in Japan. His father came here in the early part of last century, married his mother and he was born in the San Francisco, where they lived unti the outbreak of WWII. The family was interned in several camps, each more bleak than the one before, and his Father died in a terrible accident working in one of these camps. My friend said it was so odd after the war was over, the guards and everyone just went away, and you were simply free to go. No plans or transportation, just go if you want.
They resettled in Palo Alto, thanks to the kindness of an old family friend at Stanford University…his Mom worked as a domestic all her life, but her son made good for her. He went on scholorship to Yale, and on to medical school. He became a world famous otolaryngologist, and while retired now, is one of the smartest and kindest men I’ve ever known. I wish a wider audience could see his story.
Is there a better evening than sharing it with good friends, over good wine and good food? Let me know if you find it!


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