I’ at home this morning recovering from some awful overnight bug….one of those nightime nightmares, that fortunately come and go pretty quickly. Made me think of one year we went to a Christmas party with a small group of friends that we have known for ages since our kids were non-existent or tiny, to today…We get together and all bring a dish, at least twice a year, and always around December, to catch up on each other’s lives.
But the particular year in question, one half of the hosting couple was sick in bed, and by the end of the party the hostess wasn’t feeling too hot either. We all went our respective ways, but Christmas morning, I realized I wasn’t feeling tip top,and neither was my husband…..After finishing an apple pie that afternoon, we both ended up wretchedly ill in bed….the kids had Christmas dinner next door with dear meighbors(who got the apple pie and I don’t think it made them sick). But the worst part was we had to be ready to fly out EARLY the next morning to visit family in ‘bama. So after being quite sick all night…we dragged outselves out, packed and slithered off the the airport in the wee dawn hours. I will never, ever forget that Christmas.
Right now, the tree is up and lit but not decorated…my sweet daughter is coming home from college tomorrow and will help put on the ornaments, or so she says….last year I decorated all by myself, wrapped in a resentful, righteous cloak. I’m hoping for better this year! Decorating a tree all by one’s self is….well, lonely I guess. But sometimes that’s just the way it is.
I’ll post a picture of our tree when it’s finished….it is nothing like the tree in the WBAL lobby…it was professionally decorated by Valley View it is gorgeous….all blue ornaments…sounds weird but it looks great. Our tree is full of ornaments from all sorts of places, some homemade and others we have just collected over the years, and some from my childhood, which my Mom divided up between me and my 2 sisters, when she decided she no longer wanted to do a tree.(My baby sister got all the elves, but I’ve clearly gotten over it.)
I will post a picture of my favorite childhood ornament too….it’s a raggedy little angel, but I love it.


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