Dare to C.A.R.E.

OK yesterday I was just plain wrong….I wasn’t getting a heart scan at all. I had an ultrasound of my carotid arteries, my abdominal aorta, and arteries in my ankles? Wow…why….good question and one I hope one people will pay attention to especially with what has happened to Senator Tim Johnson.
The Dare to CARE program is a free (FREE!) screening program for early detection of cardiovascular disease…the number one killer in this country today. Loads of people walk around with blockages that could kill or cripple them, yet feel just fine and have NO symptoms at all! Scary, huh.
On our shoot yesterday. I met a woman, 62, whose life was saved by this screening, which she got just by chance going to a health fair. Her carotid arteries were over 90% blocked…she was a stroke waiting to happen. If you are over 60, or over 50, with high cholesterol, blood pressure, or family history of stroke or heart disease(that fits many of us)….call them today and set up a screening!!!
The program is in Annapolis, the number is 410-573-9483. It took about 7 minutes to be screened…easy and painless(and free). And it could save your life or that of someone you know.
I won’t tell the results of my screening, because I’m saving that for our story(hey, tv, you know?)….but I really hope that some people see this before it airs next January or February. And if you have a bunch of money that’s looking for a great cause…it is a program that is trying to change the face of American healthcare….to take care of problems before they happen not just after they happen. They could use your donations. Quite a cause, really.
Oh, and I did have hot water this morning….what a luxury…


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