no hot water??

In the middle of Vegas musings, I’ve been hit with the most unpleasant realization this morning….I have no hot water. It’s complicated but it has something to do with an oil furnace, and a heat pump that are doing battle with each other…I am collateral damage. People will show up sometime today between 8 and 5( like I have all day to wait for them), and in the meantime I have to wash my hair(again the hair), and the rest of me….and go to a shoot where they are doing some kind of scan of my heart. First fruit flush, then cuddle parties….now my heart? Actually it’s one of the things I love about my job….you just never know special projects will come up for you next……that’s you Augusta! And may I say what a FINE job she does (I could be mucking out horse stalls for a camera if I’m not careful). Got to go heat some water on the stove… old-timey!


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