Vegas restaurants

As I have mentioned, you can spend just way too much on dinner in this town that seems hell bent on getting every last nickle out of you. My suggestion for a really fine dinner in a pretty place, that won’t take you to the cleaners…..Bouchon in the Venetian….pretty French Bistro atmosphere. The only bad thing… as we arrived, the young woman at the desk annouces something we already knew…”You’re late!”. Yeah, we are 15 whole minutes late and the reason is, we’ve been wandering thru your HUGE hotel trying to find you!(Take that!)
But anyway, the food was great….started with oysters from British Columbia served on crushed ice and seaweed…and I know this sounds boring to some of you, but my real test of a kitchen is, can they turn out a perfectly roasted chicken that is also interesting? Bouchon can, and did. Gorgeous dish. If you want some tableside drama, try the absinthe apertif….flames, burning sugar….everyone will notice you, and wonder what on earth you’ve ordered.But here is (possibly) the best part…..appetizers, dinner and drinks for two….$128.00, before tip. Not dinner at McDonald’s certainly, but in Vegas, it’s a relative bargain.
Tried a couple of Wofgang Puck places,,,OK, nothing bad, but nothing outstanding or maybe I ordered wrong. Oh, and if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the incredible chocolate fountain at Jean Phillipe Patisserie….Ooh, la la.

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