I’m not sure I’m a Vegas gal…..

I think there are Vegas people and non Vegas people….Those who love it, go maybe once a year or so…know the games, the hotels, the whole scene, and love it. And then there are the rest of us….who think, well, sure Vegas is out there, but when there are so many great places to go in the WORLD…Paris, London, Shanghai, Hawaii, Rio…you know..real places so many that we haven’t seen….wouldn’t I rather go there than…Vegas?
But here I am….to see if someone who has never had a great desire to visit can appreciate the “charms ” of the place. So far, so good. I picked the right hotel (more on this later and I think it is key)…the weather is nice today, but I already lost 20 dollars! I know, those of you who play the games are laughing….oooooooh, she lost twenty bucks on slots, big deal. But I’m just not a gambler. I’m a careful person. It goes against eveything I was taught in a little town in Alabama…One year my Mother told us we weren’t gonna play the throw a nickle, win a stuffed animal games at the ‘bama State Fair. We were agahst…no games? I’m not sure if she was really against the “gambling” or just didn’t want to spend the money, but that’s really the same thing.
Here in Vegas, I don’t want to throw my money away, but that’s what it is all about here, right? What people come here to do..throw their money around, but it is soooooo not my nature. Someone asked what was I prepared to gamble, and I ventured…”a hundred dollars?”…they laughed…laughed! I am a frugal Alabama bred girl, and your upbringing will out….At least my Momma will be proud.
Let’s see if Vegas can show something more…I’m looking!


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