I need a new pic!

As I write this first posting ( we had a little trouble getting the darn thing going), that is what I think right now…..I need a new picture. Actually, hair is the bane of our promotions department….changing hair that is. You could look back to pictures a few years ago of Rod Daniels or Stan Stovall…and they really look pretty much the same. But the hair of women is an ever changing spectacle. It grows, it gets cut, it’s blond, it’s darker, it’s curly , it’s straight! And let me tell you , it really is all about the hair. The other females who work here at WBAL (and at tv stations all over the country, everywhere it is the same) agree….it’s the hair. You can do a terrific story or a really good newscast, but if your hair isn’t right…a little out of place, too many fuzzies, need a trim, need some color…..that’s what most people will really take note of. Now, don’t get me wrong….I’m the same way when I watch tv. The first thing I said a couple of nights ago when I watched Katie Couric on CBS ( which I haven’t done since her first newscast, was ” Wow, her hair is different…not sure I like it.”
It’s human nature I think….it’s hard to get past the obvious, so I understand that you ignore your hair in this business at your own peril. And right now…I need a trim and a new picture. Period.
Oh, and I’ve had LOTS of you ask about the fruit flush diet…how was it, have I gained the weight back. The answers….it was hard, and yes I think so. But I have no one to blame but myself. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, like many of you, I just ate anything I wanted, and that was pumpkin pie and turkey….and stuffing of course. But I don’t care. I enjoyed every minute of it, and am just going back to basics this week. And yes, I think I would and probably will do the flush again. It’s a great way to jumpstart a new eating pattern.


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